How to prepare for touring in Poland - article

 This idea appeared some time ago: we are constantly thinking how to help you and give you the maximum support for doing your family genealogy. The communication process with our guests usually starts much in advance. There are always many questions and doubts before their arrival, or even long before they will even decide to come. Who would not want to be well prepared for such trip? Coming to Poland, visiting ancestral land is often a dream of a lifetime. We feel this great responsibility to assist in its realization!

It is a fact that the better you are prepared your chance for a success is growing! To improve this process we prepared the article with our tips. It is based on years of travelling experience with our guests. We also asked some of you how were you preparing, what surprised you in Poland, what to pack in your suitcase. We hope that this will be helpful not only for our future guests, but for all of you, planning such trip to ancestral land.

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What you will find in the article:

Setting your goals
Gathering information
Where to look for help?
Creating your family tree
General preparation and practical information about Poland
What to pack?
Documenting your trip
With or without a guide?


Family reunion through PolishOrigins Forum

We also would like to share with you one of the stories that happened recently on PolishOrigns Forum.

Read this wonderful Cynthia?s post about her family reunion after dozens of years! 

?When my uncle Stanley died, all the information about our Polish relatives died with him. Then something really amazing happened. On December 29, 2015, I received an email through Polish Origins from a young man in Poland asking about an ancestor of mine, Aleksander Zolnierzak, who was my grandfather's brother. It turns out that this young man, Tomasz, found a birth record for Aleksander that I had submitted to one of the forums for translation. After a couple of emails back and forth sharing information, we confirmed that we are indeed cousins! ?

We love experiencing such moments with our forum members! Thank you Cynthia for sharing this with us.


New term for PO Galicia Tour: 9-19 October 2016

PO Galicia Tour is our flagship proposal which we've been organizing for four year in a row.

For our September term this year (September 11-21) the booking is almost closed. There is only 1 last opening available!

Because of the high interest in this tour we will have another term in 2016: 9-19 October.

See the detailed itinerary on our website:


Kingdom of Poland Tour ? 2016 upgrade

2015 was the first season of our Kingdom of Poland Tour. Months of preparations resulted in one ?debut? trip.

Winter is always a time for improvement, because after each touring season, we analyse our guests? feedback, and focus on every single detail of the finished tours, to strive for excellence!

If you would like to know what we have prepared for you and how we improved the program this year, check the article on our blog.

 2015-06-30 10.33.50

You can check the detailed itinerary of The Kingdom Of Poland Tour, as well as booking information on our website:     

If you want, please help to spread the news! We would appreciate if you forward our mail to anyone you think might be interested in Polish genealogy and tours.

We are looking forward to touring with you!

Aga & PolishOrigins Team