As the tourist season in 2014 is almost finished, we are already working on our plans for 2015. As always, we would love to share with you the news of our upcoming projects.

PO Galicia Tour

In 2014 we had two wonderful groups on our PO Galicia Tour: in September and October. Each of these tours gave us some new perspective on the area where we were born, where we work and focus our passion. We only hope this was a memorable time for our guests, as it was for us!

Here are some testimonials we have received from our guests:

?The tour exceeded all expectations. This was a maximal experience from our standpoint.Thank you for an experience which will last us for decades, an experience of a lifetime which will be passed on as a legacy to our children and grandchildren as well as living relatives.? 

                                                                  Carolyn and George Brannen

"This tour was above any expectation we could have had?.we have come to love Poland and it's people, not just because of finding family. Also because of the passion and attention to detail that all of you put into making this tour package so wonderful. We cannot praise you enough for all that you do to make the Galicia Tour such an enjoyable experience.?

                                                                    Mary and Edward Baranski


If you want to be a part of our PO Galicia Tour experience in 2015, here are the newly planned tours:

May 10-20, 2015

September 6-16, 2015  
We already have our first subscriptions for this date, so this term is already confirmed! 

October 4-14, 2015

If you make your reservation for the 2015 Galicia Tour, by the end of 2014, we offer you a 1000 zloty discount. You will only pay 5900 Polish zlotys total fee for the whole package, instead of regular price of 6900 Polish zlotys.

For more details visit:

If you have any questions just contact us: [email protected]


PO Kingdom of Poland Tour

Our guests, with their roots from Galicia, are already familiar with our offer for them. If your ancestors came from the former Russian partition of Poland (current central and North East part of the country) we are preparing something special for you!

Starting from the capital city of Warsaw, we will travel with you in back in time and space through the renaissance architecture of Zamość, show you the cultural diversity of present-day old Polish towns like Lublin, Kazimierz Dolny and Wilno, which is today the capital of Lithuania. We will take you to the Polish palaces of the aristocracy, show you the beauty of the wild nature in Poland and explain the twists and turns of our ancient history and recent past. Of course we will not miss the local food and meeting with traditional culture.

Similarly to the PO Galicia Tour, we want to keep a private character and atmosphere on the tour, so each group size will not exceed 15 guests.

All details of our new PO ? Kingdom of Poland Tour? will be available on our website within the upcoming weeks. If you are already interested in this tour, feel free to contact us: [email protected]

PO Bobbin Lace Workshops

This is something new we propose, dedicated to those lovers of traditional handicraft. Bobbin Lace making has been fading away even in Poland and so we are trying to keep it alive.

It was brought to our country by the Italian Bona Sforza, who became Queen of Poland in 1518. For many centuries the skill of making beautiful doilies, decorative items and jewelry was developed only in noble houses. In the 1800s and for a big part of 1900s, there were art schools in Poland specializing in teaching this skill.

Now, starting in 2015, during a six day workshop, we want to teach you the basics of Bobbin Lace making. You will be taught by a master in the field, from one of the most important centers of this art, the town of Bobowa.

The 6-day workshops will take place in the beautiful surroundings near Zakopane and Krakow, in southern Poland. Every morning we will have a few hours of practice,  and in the afternoons we will show you the most interesting tourist attractions, including Krakow itself, Wieliczka, Zakopane,  along with a few less known places. If you want to participate in the workshops and want your husband (or wife, or a friend) to come with you, our guide will organize a time for him (or her) while you will be experiencing the pleasure of lace making.

You can see a short video and a photograph of bobbin laces fan. Soon we will write more details about the PO Bobbin Lace Workshops.


Designed and made by Ewa Szpila

We are hiring

We have more and more projects to manage,  and we need help. If you know someone who might be interested in working with us on the tours and other our projects, please send them this link with our job offer:  


All Saint?s Day in Poland

November 1st  is a very special day in Polish tradition. Families from all over the country travel to their family cemeteries to gather around the graves of their  ancestors, light candles and pray for those who have passed away. This is a time when families that have been separated by time and space, have the opportunity to gather together once again. The graves are decorated with flowers (mostly chrysanthemum) and candles. and at night, the sight  of thousands of candle lights is spectacular?

See here a few pictures from Polish cemetery on that day:

Greetings from Poland!

PolishOrigins Team