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• Historic hotel in Dubiecko Castle: our new proposal for PO Galicia Tour

• PO ?Kingdom of Poland? Tour: long awaited detailed itinerary and the dates for 2015

• Bobbin Lace Making Workshop: new article on our blog

• Polish Christmas Eve Traditions

• Unforgettable Christmas gift for your parents

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Dubiecko Castle - new place for the start of the PO Galicia Tour in 2015!

?There is an amazing place on the River San,  chosen by the ancestors, which is very distinguished, and it is called Dubiecko. Located here is the home of the Krasicki Family, a mighty family, and the birth place of a great poet??

On the first three nights of the PO Galicia Tour, you will stay at the old Dubiecko Castle. The Castle is a silent witnesses to 500 years of history in the region, and is most known for the birthplace of two completely opposite characters: ?the Devil? Stanisław Stadnicki and ?the Bishop and Poet? Ignacy Krasicki.

This luxurious and historical location, is the new place for the start the PO Galicia Tour in 2015. It is set in the beautiful area of Manorial Park, by the San River, not far from the Rzeszów airport and only about 2.5 hours from the Krakow Airport.

Find out more about the itinerary of PO Galicia Tour and other hotels for this tour: http://galicia.polishorigins.com

September term for Galicia Tour in 2015 is confirmed and there are only 3 participants left to confirm both May and October terms.  This means that if you make your reservation today for September term, you can now start to looking for the best flight deals.

Cost of GT 2015 is still lower by 1000 Polish zlotys  from the regular fee and at the same time US dolar is even stronger now in relation to Poilsh zloty.


PO Kingdom of Poland Tour

PO Kingdom of Poland Tour is our new proposal, dedicated for all people deeply interested in history, culture and traditions of Poland, especially for those of you who have their roots in the former Russian partition of Poland, including today?s Lithuania.

It is an eleven days journey in Central, North - East Poland and Lithuania.

You will visit the romantic land of Henryk Sienkiewicz novels, Adam Mickiewicz?s Lithuania, described in his ?Sir Thaddeus?, and on to Chopin?s beloved Polish landscapes. We will help you to understand the twists and turns of history, such as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian partition of Poland and the dramatic fate of the Polish people, during World War II.

We will show you two capitals: Warsaw and Vilnius, along with the region where the cultures of Jewish, Polish, Lithuanian, Tatar, Russian and Karaite, intermingled and clashed. We will also see where the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches meet, and many more?

Here are planned dates for PO Kingdom of Poland for 2015:

• 29 May - 8 June, 2015

• 26 June - 6 July, 2015

• 21-31 August, 2015

Find out more about the tour and its itinerary on our website: http://kingdom.polishorigins.com/   



Bobbin Lace Making Workshop: new article on our blog

?According to the legend, the first lace was woven by a spider on looms left by the weaver. The woman was delighted when she saw the subtle weaves and wanted to make the same shape. To make her happy, her beloved made for her some bobbins. And that was the beginning??

Find out about bobbin laces and about our workshops and tour in Poland in 2015, where you will have the opportunity to learn the bobbin lace art from the regional master!


The Lacemaker ? fountain in Bobowa


Christmas Eve - Polish Traditions series on our blog

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times during the whole year, and the most important moment during this time is one night ? Christmas Eve. We call it Wigilia in Poland. White snow outside the window sparkles with frost and the dark sky has more stars than ever.  Among these stars is a most important one, which we can see as the first star of the evening, letting us know that in Bethlehem, as over 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ is born ... such a little baby, but so important for the whole world. Every year during this special night, happiness is with us, as it was with our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents many years ago. Besides special feelings, we have also many traditions which tie us firmly to our ancestors, and which will tie future generations to us. Thanks to these traditions, we know who we are.

Read the whole text on our blog: http://blog.polishorigins.com/2014/12/22/christmas-eve-wigilia/


Listen to some traditional Polish kolędy (Christmas carols) we collected for you on our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/koledy.

Wondering about giving an unforgettable Christmas gift to your mom or dad? Maybe they would like to visit their forefathers land with you?

Below there are examples of the Genealogy Tours which were gifts made by children to their mothers:

3 Men and a Mum. Finding our Polish Family. Gift made by sons Brian and Mark: http://blog.polishorigins.com/category/3-men-and-a-mom-finding-our-polish-family/

My Two Poland Tours. First visit of Leonore was gift made by her son John. http://blog.polishorigins.com/category/leonores-tour/

You can find out about details and make reservation for the next year even now before Christmas, our guides are still available:  http://polishorigins.com/document/genealogy_tours.


Find us on Yelp and Google maps 

PolishOrigins is now available on Yelp and Google maps!

We absolutely love all the testimonials that our guests sent us to publish on our website, however we thought that the independent reviews on some external portal might be considered more reliable.

We invite you to visit (and recommend others) our new business profiles on Yelp and Google Maps, where our guests can review PolishOrigins services and tours.

We hope that some reviews will appear there soon!

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