Dear reader,

What a beautiful end of the summer we are having.  Sunny, warm days, starry nights and goldenrod flourishing everywhere! July and August, as usual, were quieter for us with less guests. But as we enter September,  there are already 25 tours planned for this month!

 What will be happening in the upcoming weeks?

There will be ten different guides travelling with our guests all over the country of Poland (and not only in Poland!). It's hard to imagine how many extraordinary people we will meet, how many kilometers will be on the road, how many pages of metrical books and what stories we will hear this month.  We will be sharing some of them with you soon.

Apart from Genealogy Tours, we will also have the three regular tour groups: 

Galicia Tour, Prussian Poland Tour and second Galicia Tour, this time with the cooperation of the Polish Genealogical Society in America.

Planning ahead

 As always, we do not want to stop only on current events. We have planned the dates of our regular tours for 2020! We would like to give you as much time as possible to plan your arrival in Poland next year.

There will be two editions of Galicia Tour

Spring Galicia Tour: April 19-29, 2020

Fall Galicia Tour: September 20-30, 2020

The costs and reservation forms will be published soon on our website.

Regarding the Kingdom of Poland Tour, which is covering the territory of the former Russian Partition of Poland. We are creating a new itinerary,  with the cooperation of PGSA. The first details will be available on their annual meeting.

Prussian Poland Tour: We have not scheduled the dates, and will not make a plan, unless any guests eager for this Tour will contact us. So far, these have been our smallest groups, so we want to remain flexible here.

What about Christmas in Poland?

We also have a new idea. We want to invite you to share with us, the atmosphere of a Polish Christmas. In one week we will visit three cities: Wrocław, Kraków and Warsaw. We will explore the local markets, nativity scene exhibition, pierogi workshops, along with enjoying many Polish Christmas traditions and decorations. Our thinking is that this trip would take place in mid-December. If you are interested in joining such tour, please let us know (by email, to [email protected] or [email protected]) . We will keep you updated!

 Thank you for all your messages and all great reviews that you are sending us and publishing on Facebook groups and other social media. We have recently updated all of the testimonials from our guests, who have travelled with us, so far, in 2019. You can read them here.

We are very grateful for all of them! 


Greetings from Poland,

Agnieszka and the whole PolishOrigins Team