Dear reader,

We know from conversations with you, that for many, the trip to the places of your ancestors has been a lifetime dream. We often hear that you were thinking of visiting Poland for many years, sometimes even since you were teenagers. We are well aware that the decision of taking the trip is preceded by many years of gathering information, family history research, discussions carried out on different forums and groups. This trip is for some, one of their greatest life’s goal.

Most of our genealogy tours are  being prepared long before the dates of your planned arrival. Preparation of a tour is a meticulous process. Each detail must be carefully taken care of,  for the whole experience to be smooth and unforgettable. The preparation is made from an organizational as well from a genealogical point of view and a very similar process applies to a long, large group trip as well as to a short 3 days’ trip for a single person.

You want to be well prepared, and we also have to be very well prepared, in  doing our homework by getting to know your specific expectations, main genealogy goals.

It does not mean that we do not have any last minute requests, we are capable of dealing with them, if  we have free time slots available. But in general , the more time we have together to plan the tour, the better.


At the moment,  we already have inquiries for tours in 2019 and even in 2020 !

Our calendar for Genealogy Tours for 2018 is filling up quickly. As with every year, September is the busiest time for our tours.  If you are considering arriving in Poland with our assistance, and want to be sure that one of our genealogy guides will be available, we recommend that you do not wait too long to contact us. Our guides have less and less weeks available for new tours in 2018.  There were already cases of people who were disappointed that we cannot provide assistance in the exact dates which they planned, because all of our guides were already booked...

If you are thinking about the tour in 2019, it is also a good time to contact us at our email: [email protected] or just fill in the short tour request form: . You can count on our experience, as well as the individual and personal approach.

More details about our Genealogy Tours are available here:


Aside from our Genealogy Tours, we also offer regular historical and culture tours, covering the whole area of today’s Poland:

Galicia Tour

There are two groups planned for 2018:

June 10 – 20, 2018

September 23 – October 3, 2018

Both are already confirmed and there are still several places available to join our groups!

Kingdom of Poland Tour  planned for September 7-17, 2018

Prussian Poland Tour  planned for September 15 – 25, 2018


Warm greetings,

Agnieszka and the whole PolishOrigins Team