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Are you planning to travel to Poland?  If yes, you would most certainly want to get the most out of your visit.  Do you wish to really immerse yourself in the ambiance of the country and to understand its history, culture and traditions? To also gain an insider’s perspective?

This is exactly what we are trying to achieve during our tours. But, before you arrive, there are so many things that you can do on your own! One of the best is to get to know some Polish literature.

That is why I have prepared for you my personal selection of some great reads.  The list is divided into three parts, just like the former partitions of Poland, and like our three regular PO tours: Galicia (Austrian Partition)Kingdom of Poland (Russian Partition) and Prussian Poland.

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10 great books about Poland that will give you the new perspective

No matter whether you are planning to travel in Poland or not, or if you have your relatives born here, I hope that in my list, you will find something interesting for you.


We would like to wish all of you who will celebrate this Holy Week a Happy Easter.  May all the joys of this glorious season be with you! Best greetings to you and your families.

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Warm greetings from Poland!

Aga Pawlus and the whole PolishOrigins Team