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Welcome to PolishOrigins’ Blog. It exists since 2009 so you can imagine how many stories, genealogy tours and other posts we and our guests have posted. We have divided the blog to 3 main categories:

Genealogy Tours and Gen Stories

This is where this whole blog began. While accompanying descendants of emigrants on ancestral tours throughout Poland, our genealogy guides are witnessing plenty of moments of joy, happiness and often profound reflections. Almost every day is memorable and full of emotion.

Many of our guests are journaling our common experiences. It helps them to sort out what has happened during these, often full of events, days. However, the main reason of keeping journal is the desire to share the memories and discoveries with their families and with the future generations.

The idea of the blog was born when one of our first guests, James, agreed to share his memories and write them down together with Zenon, when they were having their second tour in Poland. Dozens of others have followed and have willingly shared their stories.

We hoped that through showing our experiences we can provide you with at least the taste of the adventures we have and the places we visit. Who knows, maybe this way you will virtually visit the region where your ancestors emigrated from more than a hundred years ago? And maybe you will even discover your relatives? It happened through this blog multiple times, see the most recent example.

You can browse the genealogy blogs by location. There are two options: we have tagged by the partitions of Poland and by current Polish districts.

To see how it works:

Here you can read the stories from the Austrian partition of Poland (Galicia),

Here you will find the Prussian partition and Prussian lands granted to Poland after 1945, and here from the Russian partition (using some simplification from the Kingdom of Poland).

And here are some exemplary tags of the contemporary 16 districts of Poland:

Kujawsko Pomorskie District

Małopolskie District

Mazowieckie District

We are still working on this feature, but soon there should be a simple map available with all the location tags included in our blog. I hope that this will help you and especially the new visitors on our blog.

Polish genealogy, history and traditions.

In this parent category on our blog we will publish different articles about Poland and its culture. Especially in the context of Polish genealogy. To begin with, we invite you to read the posts “Beyond the Big Water” or “Why My Ancestors left?”.

 We also recommend you to cook Żurek sour soup (do you know that this is our most popular blog post?)

Our plan is to develop this section and we will be adding some more articles there soon.

Travelling Poland: our recommendations about tourist attractions.

We invite you here especially if you are planning a travel to Poland and you are wondering which places are worth visiting. See our suggestions of the Wooden Treasures of Southern Poland, some culinary attractions and many more. We will also post here about our regular tours and their itineraries as well as some practical information about arriving in Poland.

Enjoy the reading!

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