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4. An Aussie trying to find her Polish Roots.

Friday, March 25th, 2011

My research into the Lagiewczyk family showed that the family had lived in Brzeski for many generations. As mentioned earlier, I only ever knew one grandparent and that was my mother’s mother, Babcia. When my mother and I went to Poland when I was 8 years old, we based ourselves at my Babcia’s house and spent most of our three month holiday living in her house. The memory of my time there and of her is still quite vivid. She still farmed the enormous amounts of land the family held way into her old age but she lived very frugally. No running water – she had a well for her water needs. No electricity – she used candles and lanterns for light and a wood burning stove for cooking. A simple but satisfying life.

Babcia’s house in 1994.


3. An Aussie trying to find her Polish Roots.

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

On another day we decided to concentrate on my mother’s family, LAGIEWCZYK who hailed from the Parish of Marzenin. We drove to the Church and had a look at the grounds and inside the church which was just beautiful and very ornate. This is where my parents were married in June 1945.

Marzenin Parish Church Inside Marzenin Church Dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Mary. Built Circa 1300


2. An Aussie trying to find her Polish Roots.

Friday, March 11th, 2011

My father’s surname was POLA and research showed that this family had lived in Rembieszow for generations. My father was one of eleven children born to Piotr Pola and at the time of my trip in 2008 only my father and his youngest sister Bronia were still alive. Bronia was still living on the family farm in Rembieszow where my dad and his siblings had all been born and still doing a little farming in her later years. The old home where my dad and his family lived had been knocked down over 40 years ago but standing on the land you still get a sense of how they lived.

Bronia’s house and barns in Rembieszow

The original Pola family home in Rembieszow Circa 1962


1. An Aussie trying to find her Polish roots.

Friday, March 4th, 2011

I live in Sydney, Australia. My parents were both born in Poland as was my sister, Grazyna (Grace). My parents emigrated to Australia in 1958, aboard the ship ‘Roma’, meeting up with my father’s older brother, Jan Pola who had arrived here in 1955 (his is another story). I was born eight years later in Sydney, the first-born in my Polish family outside of Poland.

I have always had an interest in family history, having researched my husband’s family in Australia, England and Ireland for the past fourteen years. When my mother was still alive, I asked her about her and my father’s family and she helped me to draw a tree of the families with what information she knew. This started me on the path to finding out more about my family in Poland, but at this stage I could only rely on information from family, which included sending the trees to the family in Poland and asking them to fill in what they could, which they promptly did!