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A Prayer from Poland

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

(The article was originally published in a newsletter of the Downriver Genealogical Society: ‘The Downriver Seeker’)

My plans this summer were for a trip to Poland with my daughter Emily, my mother Doris, and my best friend Nancy.  I never thought it would turn into an experience of a lifetime.  After trying to get my Polish great aunt’s birth certificate transcribed for several years, I was finally successful.  After attending a program at DGS about Polish genealogy, I was guided to the Michigan Polonia Center where I found Kamila who, for a price, would ‘correctly’ transcribed the certificate.  I had been led in many different directions because my great grandfather’s immigration record was incorrectly transcribed and because there are only a dozen cities by the same name in Poland.  Now I finally had the location, Sarnowo, north west of Warsaw.  Once I had the correct location, I ordered the L.D.S. films for the parish of St. Joseph in Sarnowo, woj. Mazowieckie, Poland.

Location of great-granparents’ Sarnowo parish, north west of Warsaw.