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My Genealogical Quest. Why Do You Care?

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

– “What was your favorite food as a child?”
– “I don’t remember. Why do you care?”

Most people are a little more polite, but many can’t fathom why I care. I have heard this question many times over the years when I start asking questions of family members. To most people it probably seems as if all I do is collect vital facts: what year was this person born, did they marry, how many children, what year did they die. That is all important; however, I do much more than that. It is asking questions that people don’t ask. When you ask questions that people don’t normally ask, you get answers and stories that people don’t normally hear. If you are not interested in genealogy, I would imagine that what I do would appear very boring. How much fun is digging through records that are hundreds of years old only to document a random, unknown person who has also been dead for hundreds of years? My answer would be “Incredibly fun!” However, more than fun, I feel that I need to be doing this so that this information doesn’t get “lost” again.

It also allows me to meet family members I would never have spoken to or met otherwise and I enjoy going to meet each one. Most importantly, asking these questions and finding these records breathes life into those who have gone before us. I recently connected with a cousin who is also researching. She sent me something that was sent to her and I’d like to share it here. A bit of a pep talk when you’ve hit a brick wall and it seems as if the trail cannot go any further.



My Genealogical Quest. Habemus Papum… I mean Lithuanarum Dux!!

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Excuse my Latin. That’s right, you read correctly (perhaps). Today’s update is that we now have a Lithuanian guide to accompany us on our travels. We will be using Ancestral Attic to organize our days and guide us through Lithuania. Now that one more detail is taken care of, I can concentrate on getting copies of records to our guides for their preliminary work. This means that we now have tickets, guides, and some semblance of an itinerary. That’s a good start!


My Genealogical Quest. One Step Closer.

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Well, it’s official now. We have a guide for the Polish portion of our trip – Mr. Zenon Znamirowski! I have been filling his email with family trees and copies of more records that he probably cares to see at this point.


My Genealogical Quest. Part 1: In the Beginning…

Monday, December 9th, 2013

The series of blog posts was originally published on Mike’s blog:

After talking about this for a long time (begging Amy to let me use our vacation on this), in June, Amy and I finally took the leap and bought tickets for us to travel to Poland and Lithuania this fall. This is not going to be like any other vacation/sightseeing trip we’ve taken before.

This trip is centered around my ongoing genealogical research. We will be visiting villages where my ancestors once lived, churches where they worshiped, and cemeteries where generations of family members are buried. Of course we will do some site seeing, but we’ll also visit cold, dusty archives in order to research my family history in centuries old books and visit with distant relatives who I have connected with.Unfortunately, I think that buying the tickets will be the easiest part of this trip. I quickly realized that I still have a lot of work to do when my first stab at plotting our travels required approximately 40 hours in a car! Not including travel days, we are only there for 8 full days. This equated to about 5 hours in a car each day which hardly left me the time required to visit AND research – back to the drawing board.

I ended up on this preliminary itinerary:

mike mapa