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My Journey to Poland. Day 6.

Friday, January 31st, 2014

After breakfast I checked out and Zenon drove me to Warsaw to the Novotel Centrum, he gave me the name and phone number of a friend who is also a genealogist who lives in the area in case I need anything.  I thanked Zenon, told him I would get my information together for him to do research in the winter for me.

We flew from Poland to Frankfurt Germany.  From there we changed planes (again off on the tarmac) going through customs and security and a two-mile walk to catch our plane to Detroit.

Since I’ve been home, some have asked if I would ever go back to Poland?  My answer is ‘in a heartbeat’!  Hopefully one day I can.

Mary Ann Baillargeon

My Journey to Poland. Day 5.

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

After breakfast we drove back to Romany to finish searching the cemetery.  Took photos of several graves with family names. We drove out to Korytki-Lesne, which again is a very small village; stopped to ask if any of the names researching sounded familiar and were told almost everybody here has the last name of Korytkowski!

Korytkowskis everywhere!

Korytkowskis everywhere!


My Journey to Poland. Day 4.

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

After breakfast we headed to Romany.  On the way we needed to pull over for a herd of cows being moved back to the pasture; apparently due to the storm last night the cows were brought to high ground due to flooding .  We met with the priest, who said he was new at this parish for only one week and his rectory is also under remodeling!  He was very gracious and allowed us to look at the church records, some of the books over 100 years old!  The years we are looking for are missing, Zenon said someone could have took the book or it was destroyed from wear.


My Journey to Poland. Day 3.

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

I woke up at 3:45am to the sun shining in my room!  I was told later these are the longest days of the year here.  Slept longer and then met Zenon for breakfast downstairs (no elevators, discovered Poland is not really handicap assessable), we are offered a breakfast buffet, but they prepare scrambled eggs for you, unfortunately they will not cook the eggs all the way, no matter how many times you ask!

After that we left for Poryte (this is what I’ve been waiting for) seeing the church.  As we drove up we noticed construction at the rectory, so we went to the church hall.  And there was the priest who explained he is new to the parish only one week.  The rectory, church and hall are being remodeled and repaired.  I took photos of pictures of prominent citizens of Poryte area that were hanging on the wall.

The priest explained that the books for the church are in the attic of the rectory and we cannot view them at this time, but perhaps in the winter would be better; Zenon agreed to come back and research for me in the winter.  We asked if we could see the church, which had not been remodeled yet.  As we entered, I got that lump in my throat again and started to cry!  The poor priest did not understand, and thought that I was upset on the condition of the church; Zenon explained that I was overcome at being in the church where my father and grandmother were baptized.  Just think any later and things might have been replaced!

Plague for memory of Jozef Kisielnicki from 1775

Plague for memory of Jozef Kisielnicki from 1775


My Journey to Poland. Day 2.

Monday, January 27th, 2014

We were given hot cloths to freshen up, and served breakfast again with all real dishes etc., had juice, coffee, and a turkey and ham on a croissant.

We arrived in Frankfurt, Germany. As we got off the plane I realized we were walking off on the tarmac and not into the terminal, as I had reviewed on the computer at home. Now what! I got on the double long bus with everyone else, not knowing where I was going. So at this point I decided what the heck, I probably will never see these people again, and asked if anyone spoke English! A very nice couple behind me answered and said they were familiar with the airport and explained the monitors are to the left as you enter the building.

I followed the crowd as we got off the bus and viewed the ever changing monitors and found the gate I was to go to following the signs, I walked what seemed to me to be about 3 miles, only to have to go through customs who stamped my passport and security again, who took away my water bottle I had purchased in Detroit, which was unopened. At this point I decided I was going to purchase a carry on that had wheels on it! Finally on to my gate and in time to make my flight, on which we were served a lunch salad and beverage.


My Journey to Poland. Day 1.

Friday, January 24th, 2014

This trip was such a learning experience for me that I never will forget; I realize that the Polish people are very resilient and very hard workers. They will not be put down, looking at history of how their country was destroyed and had actually ceased to exist; they rebuilt it and still kept much of the history! It is truly a tribute to the Polish people, and makes me very proud to be Polish.