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Now I know where I got my hospitality gene from.

Monday, January 4th, 2016

I had been working on our family genealogy for years.  My grandma got me started on the Rudzinski family tree when she lived with me.  It gave us something to work on together and let her tell me stories, we used her memory and prayer cards to get us started.  I remember going back to Indiana where she grew up and six of my great uncles still lived and asking my uncles how many siblings their father (Pa) had. I got differing information because he just didn’t talk about the family he left behind; it must have been too painful.  However, when I got to one uncle I hit the jackpot as he had Pa’s naturalization papers and his baptismal record.  The naturalization papers gave me his mother’s maiden name, and the name of his siblings left behind, Lucyna, Czeslaw, and Stefania. After much research I was still at a dead end.  My sister-in-law Becky kept encouraging me to go to Poland.  So after much research Kathy, Becky and I set off on our family journey to Poland in October.  I hired PolishOrigins for a two-day tour after working with the website and being an active questioner on their interactive forum section.  I can’t say enough about this site it is very valuable for anyone looking for family in Poland.  Everyone is so helpful; this was absolutely the highlight of our trip and exceeded our expectations exponentially.  Success to me would have been to go to Dlugokaty where my great-grandfather grew up and to attend mass at St. Leonardo’s in Grzebsk parish.