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Poland: Discoveries in the Motherland. VIDEO.

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

We just received and email from Phyllis who visited Poland with her daughter Alysse last year. They took with us the Galicia Tour and just after that their Genealogy Tour with our guide Lucek. Here: you can read Phyllis’ impressions after the two trips.

In the email Phyllis shares with us video shot and produced by Alysse and her team. We are happy and moved of being at least a small part of this experience. But the most important was the commitment of Phyllis and Alysse to make all the discoveries happen!

Everything is beautifully and professionally shot and put together by Alysse and the team from Myriad Media from Raleigh, NC. Just watch it by yourself!

Poland: Discoveries in the Motherland from MyriadCampsite on Vimeo.