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Ray from Minnesota: His Family Search. Part 2.

Thursday, February 20th, 2014


The purpose of writing the story of how I found my family in Poland for you is to show that successful family history involves much more than looking at book, articles and microfilm. I did spend very many hours in libraries doing that. But if it were that easy, it wouldn’t give that much enjoyment or (or take so long).

It involved learning much about the history, names, language (a bit) and geography of Poland (and Prussia). It required a good computer program to keep track of many of the names, dates and facts that get uncovered during the course of research. I use The Master Genealogist that allows me to record more than one date, name or place for an event, and give them reliability ratings.

I learned about resources and research techniques by joining many computer forums and mailing lists and seeing what other people were doing. I participated in them by providing information on what I was seeking and by helping others when I had information from which they might benefit. Some people became good friends (even though we never met in person) and were important providers of help to me.


Ray from Minnesota: His Family Search. Part 1.

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Finding an ancestor is quite difficult, especially for those of us whose ancestors came long before the time when the U.S. Citizenship papers required specific information on the town in Poland from which the ancestor came.

My story which begins in 1976 might be of some help to others in their search.

My great-grandfather, Jan Marszalkiewicz and his older brother, Andrzej, emigrated to Duluth, Minnesota, in 1872.  All I knew about their life in Poland, through my Dad, was that they were from “Poznan”, and that Jan had served in the Prussian army in the Franco-Prussian War, had been at Paris at the end in 1871 (date determined by history books) and soon after emigrated to the U.S.