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We will take you ANYWHERE in Central Europe.

Monday, December 17th, 2018


In the correspondence with our future guests, a few questions and doubts repeat frequently. Let me answer to some of them today:

“Do you travel to Ukraine?”

“Do you do tours in Vilnius?”

“My grandfather emigrated from Silesia, will you travel there with me?”

We are based in Kraków, so I understand your doubts. But: We will take you ANYWHERE in Central Europe on the tailor-made genealogy tours. By Central Europe I mean: the whole territory of today’s  Poland and our neighboring countries: Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania. Those are the most popular destinations, where we organize trips regularly.



My Genealogical Quest. Tuesday and the Race is On!

Friday, December 20th, 2013

After a very long drive from Tarnów to Warsaw the night before, we piled back into the car for another 4 hour drive to Lipsk and Kopczany to visit Wojtek and his family. Wojtek and I were put in touch a few years ago by Joe Baxer who visited the family about 20 years prior. Wojtek and I are not related by blood, but share family connections through Antonina Danilczyk, my great-great grandfather’s second wife. Joe recently visited them again this past spring. For the last few years, Wojtek and I have been exchanging information on family members over the internet and have been eager to meet each other in person.