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Registration questionnaires of the First and Second General Censuses of Poland in 1921 and 1931.

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021


The article written by Piotr Zelny – genealogist, historian working in the Historical Museum in Sanok, tourist and genealogy guide in PolishOrigins.

Proofreading: Aleksander Zawilski.


When World War I had drawn to an end and Poland was regaining its sovereignty, the Polish authorities faced a very difficult task of reunifying the country. For over a century, the individual parts of the state remained within the borders of foreign countries. Several generations of people grew up in three different countries, three different political, administrative and economic systems. In addition, the First World War that swept through the country completely changed the picture of reality.


The last census in the Prussian and Austrian partitions took place in December 1910, in the Russian partition in February 1897. Although Austria-Hungary and Germany conducted censuses during the war in 1916 and 1917, and Poland in 1919, they took place only in some parts of the country. The authorities of the reborn Poland, who had to rule over the divided country, had just a rough idea about demography, social and economic conditions of its own state. Without this knowledge, it was impossible to effectively manage such a diverse country.


Filling out registration sheets by village women from Bronowice near Krakow. The Second General Census 1931. Photograph from the collection of the National Digital Archive.