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Follow the oak trees (part 3)

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

The next day we drove to Wesiory, the Polish Stonehenge. The stones mark a Goth burial ground from about the first to the third century. We touched the stones and Daniel read us some history on Wesiory. The sizes of the burial mounds vary from four to sixteen meters. The creation of the burial grounds is connected with the so-called Wielbark culture. It was interesting to see the Polish Stonehenge nestled right beside a lake.




Old Kleparz Market in Krakow

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

The Old Market in Kleparz, is just a few steps from Kraków’s Old Town. It is a magical place and a paradise for the lovers of natural, traditional Polish food.


Old Kleparz market in Kraków, Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

The Kleparz dictrict have been a market place since centuries. Even its name Kleparz, came from the word ?klepać? ? in local dialect meaning ‘to bargain?. And certainly you can do that  now!