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Poland Trip 2015. Part 7. Pysznica, Kopki, Rudnik & Lublin. Poland

Friday, March 4th, 2016

(…) If you’re visiting Poland, and know where your ancestors came from, I would highly suggest visiting those locations. I spent a considerable amount of time walking around Pysznica on foot, shopping in the local stores, talking with the staff and dining in local restaurants.

Wherever I’m there, I try to visit the family farm that my ancestors have owned and lived on for the last 400 years. That itself is surreal, knowing that many generations of my paternal family walked that very ground.

image 43.1

Original family farm

Prior to leaving, it became somewhat of a joke between my cousin Gienek and I stating ‘Don’t you know who we are? We’re Mierzwa’s, we ruled this town!’ We were able joke and say that because at one point in time, our ancestors were actually mayors of the city.

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A Poland Family Adventure. Day 9. Slovakia.

Friday, December 4th, 2015


We left Poland this morning enroute to Slovakia. Along the hilly roads we saw women in babushkas,        a dog that would not budge from the middle of the road, stork’s nests and a dog corralling cows into         a pasture. The earth had become less fertile. It was now yellowish and claylike. Fields were used more for grazing than vegetable production. The surroundings were very rural and houses spread out.

Zdjęcie 23


We dropped down into Slovakia through a low mountain pass and first visited the medieval town of Bardejov, a UNESCO Heritage Site. We knew only one Slovak word, ďakujem – “thank you”. At one cafe, where we warmed with coffee and richly flavored hot chocolate, we were given servings of fresh cinnamon torte, “gratis” by our pretty Slovak waitress. Wonderful memories. (more…)


Poland: Discoveries in the Motherland. VIDEO.

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

We just received and email from Phyllis who visited Poland with her daughter Alysse last year. They took with us the Galicia Tour and just after that their Genealogy Tour with our guide Lucek. Here: you can read Phyllis’ impressions after the two trips.

In the email Phyllis shares with us video shot and produced by Alysse and her team. We are happy and moved of being at least a small part of this experience. But the most important was the commitment of Phyllis and Alysse to make all the discoveries happen!

Everything is beautifully and professionally shot and put together by Alysse and the team from Myriad Media from Raleigh, NC. Just watch it by yourself!

Poland: Discoveries in the Motherland
from MyriadCampsite on Vimeo.



My Borek Family 7 Discoveries. Poland Trip Story: Research and Discovery. Day 2

Friday, November 7th, 2014

We met Henryka and Anna on Tuesday morning in Lubatowa to walk through the cemetery. Henryka showed us her husband’s and father’s gravesites. The cemetery was amazing, like nothing I had ever seen before or imagined.


The entrance to the cemetery in Lubatowa



My Borek Family 7 Discoveries. Poland Trip Story: Research and Discovery. Day 1

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Zenon met us at the hotel about 9:00 and we laid out plans for the day. He had contacted cousins in advance of my arrival and we were scheduled to meet at their home that evening so the challenge was to fill up the day.

I had done much research prior to my arrival to avoid spending too much time stuck inside a church or archive searching for records. Because of this I had birth and marriage records for many of my ancestors. This turned out to be both good and bad! For while I discovered additional family information that would help me while in Poland I missed the actual ‘Discovery’ events that I might have had upon seeing these records for the first time. In the end I am glad that I did that research in advance as we had a difficult time getting access to records at the church.

Zenon took us to the Rural Architecture Museum (Skansen) in Sanok to give us an idea of what life might have been like when my ancestors lived in this area. The beautifully re-created buildings, churches and villages was well worth the time. The open air museum covers many acres.


House at Sanok museum



My Borek Family 7 Discoveries. Poland Trip Story. Pre Trip Planning

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Planning for my Poland Adventure began in 2011. I had been researching my family history for about 2 years before. I discovered the name of the village in Poland where my ancestors originated from. With that knowledge in hand I began thinking about actually travelling to Poland. Researching guide services quickly lead me to PolishOrigins as one of the top options. The moving accounts of other’s visits and their testimonials not only accelerated my planning but pretty much made my decision on which organization I would rely on to help me during my visit – “PolishOrigins”. I originally set my sights on travelling to Poland in the summer of 2013 (read the first part of Rick’s story written in 2013), but then work got in the way and I was forced to alter my plans. As the summer of 2014 approached I was able to lock in a July date with Zenon and make travel arrangements.



War cemeteries in Western Galicia.

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Usually, when we think about the First World War in Europe the image of the western front line appears before our eyes. In France this conflict is called ‘the Great War’ and some of the famous battlefields were at Verdun, Marne and Ypres.

The Eastern European front line is sometimes forgotten and we should remember that  many battles  took place in the territories of today’s Poland.  When World War 1 ended in 1918, Poland was able to regain its independence, after many decades of foreign rule.

Polish people had been living under three partitions: Prussian, Austrian and Russian, and the Polish soldiers fought for all 3 of these armies, sometimes against each other. Just another dramatic fact in our turbulent history.


War cemetery in Sieklówka.



Wanderlust: Polska 2014. Part 12: Adam and Halina.

Friday, July 4th, 2014

May 7, 2014

We spent the morning at a Skansen, which is an open air museum. It was very interesting to learn the true beginnings of the people of this area. Definitely a must-see for genealogical tourists who have family in the area. We always say that our ancestors came from Poland. But, where did our Polish ancestors come from?  The Skansen tells all.


Carpathian Troy skansen



Wanderlust: Polska 2014. Part 11: Meeting with Anna Krok.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

May 6, 2014

Went to the church office in Debica. A kindly sister helped us look through the church registry. It was quite comical as at one point a priest came in and told her we were taking up too much of her time. I just kept smiling and she kept looking in the old books. She was so nice to us!!



Wanderlust: Polska 2014. Part 10: Podgrodzie and Sieklówka.

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

May 5, 2014

Was picked up by Zenon promptly at 9am. We drove off toward Podgrodzie. The town is on a hillside overlooking the Carpathian foothills. What a beautiful part of Poland. We then drove on to Debica, stopped in the church St. Jadwiga to take pictures.

Church in Dębica

Church in Dębica